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Born in Granada, Spain in 1965 to an Austrian mother and a Spanish father, Ana spent her early years traveling back and forth between the two countries. In 1974 she moved to Mexico City with her mother, where she studied photography, painting and history, and dedicated herself to photography beginning in 1983.  Between 1989 and 1993 she lived in Vienna and Madrid. She returned to Mexico in 1993, though until her grandmother's death in 2002 she spent long periods caring for her in Vienna.


Since 1991 she has exhibited individually in Spain, Austria, Germany and Mexico, as well as participating in group exhibitions in various countries.  She has received various accolades as well as financial support for her projects in Mexico and Austria. From 2007 to 2011 she was a member of the National System of Art Creators through the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA). 


For 14 years she worked on the project Album, beginning with a series of images with her grandmother and later developing a book and exhibition that included texts, diary entries, images of her ancestors as well as of her grandmother, audio, video, etc. In 2000 the Spanish publishing house Mestizo published Album as a book, which was later presented as a solo exhibition in Mexico at Centro de la Imagen and at Casas de América, in the Festival PHotoEspaña 2002, Madrid, Spain and other venues.  Album was also recently presented as solo show at the VISIONA festival Narrativas Domésticas, Curated by Pedro Vicente, including the work from: Richard Billingham, Ana Casas Broda, Trish Morrisey, Ramón Día, Virginia Esta, Paco Gómez. November 2013- February 2014. Huesca, Spain.


Ana Casas worked on the project Kinderwunsch from 2006 to 2013. In 2013 Kinderwunsch was published as a book, in which texts and images construct a narrative, by the Spanish publisher La Fábrica in collaboration with Fundación Televisa, Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), the Austrian Department of Culture and Hydra, Mexico. The book was published in three languages: Spanish, English and German. May 2014 Kinderwunsch received the second award to the best Art book published in 2013 by the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte in Spain. Kinderwunsch will be also shown as a solo show at festival PHotoEspaña 2015.


Kinderwunsch has been shown as solo exhibition at: Sala Picasso, Círculo de Bellas Artes, PHotoEspaña festival, Madrid, Spain, from June 1st to August 30th; 2014. Kinderwunsch. Galería 184. Ensenada, Baja California, México. October 2014-February 2015;. Kinderwunsch. Centre des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR Festival, Brussels, Belgium. June 17-July 7, 2014.


From June to July 2016 the solo exhibition Kinderwunsch will be show at Fotohof, Salzburg, Austria, and included in the group show Familia. Modelo para desarmar. by Sub, cooperativa de fotógrafos. Galería ArtexArte. Buenos Aires, Argentina.March 19 to al June 20, 2016.


Kinderwunsch has been shown in group exhibitions such as:  2013. HOME TRUTHS - PHOTOGRAPHY, MOTHERHOOD AND IDENTITY. Exhibition and book curated by Susan Bright. It includes work from: Janine Antoni, Elinor Carucci, Ana Casas Broda, Fred Huning, Leigh LeDare, Tierney Gearon, Miyako Ishiuchi, Ann Fessler, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Katie Murray and Hanna Putz. Photographers Gallery, London, UK, October 11th- January 4th, 2014; HOME TRUTHS - PHOTOGRAPHY, MOTHERHOOD AND IDENTITY, Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. April 18 – July 13, 2014;  HOME TRUTHS - PHOTOGRAPHY, MOTHERHOOD AND IDENTITY. Belfast Exposed. Ireland. October 20 – December 20, 2014; BIOGRAFIE - ICH. FOTOGALERIE WIEN. Artists: Ana Casas Broda, Christoph Burstcher, HH Capor, Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa, Brigitte Konyen, Anja Manfredi, Rudolf Strobl, Phillip Warnell. Vienna, Austria. May 12 to June 7, 2014.


In addition to developing her own body of photographic work, since 1990 she has been dedicated to organizing photography-related activities, such as seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences, etc. In 1994, she founded the workshop department of Centro de la Imagen, which was under her coordination until 2008, building a program with over three hundred workshops per year at every level of learning, from beginning photography to specialized seminars in various fields.


Since 2007 to 2015 Ana was in charge of designing the academic program for the Contemporary Photography Seminar at Centro de la Imagen and has also mentored students in collaboration with Alejandro Castellanos, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Agustín Estrada, Beatriz Novaro, among many others.


In 2012, Ana and Gerardo Montiel Klint and Gabriela González Reyes co-founded Hydra, a platform created to generate photography-related projects.


At Hydra she worked on the selection and edition from the book and show "Reveal and detonate. Photography in México ca. 2015", published by Centro de la Imagen and RM publishing house, and produced as a show by Fundación Televisa at PHotoEspaña festival at Centro Centro Cibeles from June 2 to August 30th, 2015, and at Centaro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, from October 2015 to January 2016. In June 2015 Ana Casas was member of the jury of the PHotoEspaña Award for the Best Photobook of the year and has invited as part of the advisors committee from the publishing house La Fábrica, Spain. She has worked on the edition and publication of several photobooks, such as: Moisés, from Mariela Sancari, Casita de Turrón, by Roberto Tondopó, Nueva Era, by José Luis Cuevas among others.


Reaveal and Detonate is presented at The Mint Museum as part of the program "INFOCUS /EN FOCO" organized by Allen Blevins, director from the Bank of America Merry Lynch colletion, that includes 7 exhibition of Mexican Photography, from July 2017 to June 2018, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.


Kinderwunsch is presented as part of the show "EXPOSED / EXPUESTA. Mexican Contemporary Photography", part of "INFOCUS / ENFOQUE" at The Light Factory, Charlote, North Carolina, United States. July to October 2017.


Since 2013 she works on the educational program at HYDRA + FOTOGRAFÍA, in which she has made the program INCUBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS, in which two tutors and between 8 and 12 international editors, designers, acompanie a group of 17 authors in the development of their photobook projects. INCUBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS has been made in 2016 and 2017.


In 2017 she was curator of the exhibition FOAM X HYDRA at FOAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Presenting the work of Diego Moreno (Chiapas, México) and Nelson Morales (Oaxaca, México).


In 2017 she co-curates with Gisela Volá the exhibition "DRAFT OF AN INTERVENED BODY", that presents the work of 29 authors from different countries at ARTEXARTE, Buenos Aires Argentina. From March 10 to June 2018.


In 2018 she presents the solo show KINDERWUNSCCH at the festival ENFOQUE, at the Museo Regional de Querétaro.

In 2018 she presents KINDERWUNSCH at the exhibition "LO ÍNITIMO Y LO PÚBLICO. El acto subversivo de la mirada", que incluye la obra de Ana Casas Broda, Maya Goded y Gisela Volá.

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