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Vienna, May 7, 1992


They operate on Omama today. We took some pictures while we waited. They have just taken her to the operating room. I’ll be back in time to listen to the Spanish class on the radio, she said before leaving. She took off her wedding ring and gave it to me. She uses Kurt´s, perhaps because my grandfather never gave her one. I wait with the ring on my finger.


They brought her back connected to an a bottle of blood and a bandage covering her wound. She is awake and tells me things, she says she’s happy to see me. I take pictures. Keeping fear at bay.

I used to take pictures of my sick mother too, she said. She understands, she knows what moves me.


Vienna, May 14, 1991


I go to the hospital everyday to see Omama. I brush her hair, put ointment on her wound. She is happy and gets well quickly. I take pictures. Hurry and take it before the nurse comes back, she says.  


During the night my mind shoots off imagining photographs.




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