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St. Wolfgang. May 7, 1945


Today we received information on the total surrender of Germany to the Allied forces, but not yet officially. This will be reported tomorrow, victory day. The war is over. My God, I can’t believe it. Little Johanna already knows it too. Soon, I hope that she has her father again and we can go home.


Supposedly the Americans have sent the soldiers home, many of them pass by with all of their belongings. Perhaps Christian will come, soon I hope. St. Wolfgang was relinquished today. It’s impossible to comprehend, to understand that it’s all over. Joy and happiness seem impossible and forgotten, so many victims, so many deaths, and so many more that will only now be known. Are Kurt’s mother and sister alive? And the many, many others? It would really be fortunate. Will all our friends return? But, how will they find us, me, here? Destroyed and aged, more than can be imagined, by this long separation. It was such a strange sensation today to look up at the English hunting airplanes and not feel fear. I have to explain it to Johanna also, that the planes no longer throw bombs, that her aunts no longer have to run to the basement. But her dolls must keep hiding in the basement!


May 8, 1945, 10:30 hrs.


Now there will really be peace, in an hour and a half. But I cannot be happy without Christian. The uncertainty is terrible. The waiting in other circumstances would not bother me. But only after Christian arrives, or some news from him, will I really be able to be happy.


The war activities in Europe will be over today, at one minute past midnight.

Hilda Broda


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