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Kinderwunsch is a book in which texts and photos construct a narrative that approaches maternity as a setting of complex interactions, where my children’s identity is created and my profound transformations as a mother are explored. Motherhood as an identity is one that is not fixed and is grounded in daily acts and sensations. As in my previous work, the body and the home are fundamental axes of this project.


Kinderwunsch has been developed over seven years and has grown increasingly more complex. We come up with scenarios in which to carry out actions. Some times they're my children's ideas, some times they're images that come out of my fantasies. The photograph depends on the action, and it's always a discovery.


I am interested in working with experiences where the everyday and actions carried out in front of the camera come together. Photography therefore becomes a vital form of intervention in a reality, which holds the tension between the recreated action and spontaneity, where reflection and intuition converge. It also acts as a space that reveals the fundamental connections in relationships. It is a search for apparitions of a reality that is not always visible. I am enthralled by the threshold between reality and its photographic image, that enigmatic space that eludes interpretations – unique for each spectator.


A selection of texts and images of the books is shown here .


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